Our goals

Established by the medical professional association in Bucharest, the Foundation is oriented to help those who need support and toward promoting medical research and development.

The main purpose of the Foundation is charity aiming to help medics in Bucharest, both active and retired physicians and the medical residents and to support, organize, develop and carry out, scientific work in the medical field.

Responsibility and care toward physicians is one of the central pillar activities in the Bucharest Medical College Foundation. The Foundation has charitable purpose, aiming to support those physicians who need financial or otherwise support, showing human solidarity, altruism, and concern for those who themselves have dedicated career and activity to their fellows.

According to the latest research on the minimum and maximum salary of medics in European Union, Romanian doctors are at lowest incomes.

The current shortage of medical personnel in Romania and the significant decrease in the quality of the life for public service medics, significantly affects the standard of their living and the ability of physicians and health care personnel to earn a decent life and properly manage their own health problems in some cases.

Correlated with the lack of facilities and funding in public healthcare, the deficit of personnel resources have a direct impact on the quality of public medical services and society.

Underfunding of medical research projects, lack of adequate facilities and amenities necessary for the development and research, are major impediment both to the profession and society. The Foundation aims to fill part of this effort, and support medical researchers by promoting their activity, through attracting investments, and by providing some funding for research projects in the medical field.